2021 Worldwide Virtual Masters Challenge

The Virtual World Masters Championship!

Mario Castillos photo of José Ángel Salguero Tencio running 200m in the streets with a bib made by Team Costa Rica epitomize the spirit of Challenges.

The 2021 Worldwide Virtual Masters Challenge is, like the 2020 version, honoring the WMA Championship not contested this year. This event will be run as closely as possible to a WMA Championship can be done virtually. Our goal is to foster the international camaraderie that a WMA Championship does plus provide a means for those not able to commit to traveling. We strive to include every Masters Athlete wanting to participate in a World Championship.

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26 June through 11 July 2021

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Diplomas & Awards

Diplomas for downloading will be available for each athletes participating in Hemispheres. Sponsored awards will again be given.  

2020 Championship Edition Award Winners

Rob Jerome’s Photography Contest


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